Outreach Services

We appreciate the expert help and advice we have been given by Carol Meadows, the Charity’s Outreach Worker. Her home visits are excellent and our son has really enjoyed them. We have also learned a lot from her in-depth knowledge about what other services might be available for our son, in West and East Sussex.

As a charity that supports children from across the Southeast, we appreciate it is not always easy for families to come to us.

Our Outreach worker provides support for families in their own home, on a 1-2-1 basis.  Ensuring that all children are involved in play and supporting them on their journey.

Ways Outreach Helps

  • Supporting the whole family to access play in their own home – many of the families who attend services at the Centre spend a lot of their time travelling to hospital appointments or other therapies, so to have someone come to their home and give them time to play as a family is invaluable.
  • Workers are able to take a wide range of specialist equipment to the family home
  • The Outreach team are able to demonstrate practical way in the family home of was to continue supporting the child’s development, using the learning goals which have been set by the Conductor and Physiotherapist.

Benefits of Outreach

  • Sessions are dictated by the family’s need, they can either be focused on giving the parents and hour to complete housework, or fill out forms while safe in the knowledge that their child is not only being looked after but they are learning through play at the same time. Or the sessions can be used to demonstrate play and support the parents to help their child to access play.
  • For families where there is a sibling of the child with a disability the play sessions can encourage relationship building between the siblings, the Outreach Worker can use play techniques which encourage the children to play together.
  • Families are able to talk with the Outreach Worker about issues they are having in a non-judgemental, 1-2-1 situation which the parents might not feel able to talk about in a group setting.

We are able to offer our outreach services to those who would otherwise struggle to get such support. If you would like to book an in-home session please contact a member of our team.

Our Accreditation

We are delighted to be the first early years setting in West Sussex to have been awarded the National Portage Association Stamp of Approval.  This award is given to early years settings that demonstrate they deliver inclusive early years education based upon Portage Principles for children with additional needs. 

Explore our other services

Conductive Education

Conductive Education is learning for life. Purposeful, enabling, dynamic, it seeks to harness potential by creating new neural pathways in the brain resulting in improved functional ability and life skills.

Speech and Language Therapy

25% of all children with cerebral palsy are nonverbal therefore making their thoughts and feelings harder to express. Our highly skilled Speech and language therapist works with children to help them explore all forms of communication.

Swimming Sessions

Sessions are offered on either a Tuesday or Thursday for half an hour at a private hydrotherapy pool near Horsham. Children are able to build their stamina and move more freely while their body is supported by the water

Music Therapy

Music therapy is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to respond to music. Within sessions, a child is supported to access opportunities for communication and self-expression using a wide range of musical instruments, songs that the child knows and improved expressions.