Did you know that your child may be suitable for a FREE Early Years powered wheelchair called a Wizzybug?

Wizzybug was designed specifically for children under 5 (who are not usually eligible for powered mobility) as a fun, innovative powered wheelchair that enables young children to access the world in a way not previously possible for them. This gives them the opportunity to unlock their potential for child development by being able to move independently for the first time, make choices of their own, improve their social interaction with peers but most of all to have lots of fun!
Wizzybug is suitable for young children from the age of 14 months until approx the age of 5 (may weight 20kg) who have problems with mobility due to a diagnosed or undiagnosed condition for example Cerebral Palsy.

Key facts

  • Wizzybug is free for the duration of the loan
  • Suitable from 14months to approx age 5
  • Suitable for a range of conditions that affect mobility
  • Wizzybug is for indoor/outdoor use as well as off-road
  • Unfortunately it is not suitable for medical equipment eg oxygen to be used when the child is using Wizzybug
  • Children need to have good head control and be able to follow simple instructions – they do not need to have driving skills or joystick skills
  • Wizzybug is suitable for short periods of supervised driving
  • Wizzybug grows with your child and is easily adjusted without the use of tools
  • Appointments are currently available at our HQ in Bath and William Merritt Centre in Leeds.

Wizzybug is loaned to the family by the charity Designability for as long as it is suitable for the child when it is returned ready to be refurbished and sent out to another family to enjoy.

Families can self-refer to the scheme by completing the application form here.

We also have an Access Fund to help with the cost of attending the appointment, including overnight accommodation if required.