Grant Making Foundations

Grant-Making Foundations have provided an important source of income for our Charity over many years and have been essential to the establishment, continuation and growth of our Charity.

We have been fortunate to receive sizeable donations from some of the larger Trusts, but we are also grateful to the smaller Trusts who have consistently supported us with much-needed grants. We are supported by national, local and personal private trusts with help ranging from one off and regular gifts to grants over 3 years ranging from £100 to £40,000. 

Grant-Making Foundations have been very helpful in enabling us to get a number of new projects off the ground and the relocation and equipping of our new centre.  We are always looking to build relationships with new Trust donors and we have a range of projects and services that Trusts may wish to support.  

Listed below are some of the Trusts and Foundations that have supported our Charity this year.  

Awards for All

Gatwick Airport Community Trust

The Edward Gostling Foundation

The Peter Harrison Foundation

The Hedley Foundation

The Boshier Hinton Foundation

The Hollyhock Charitable Foundation

St James’s Place Charitable Foundation

The Ernet Kleinwort Charityable Trust

The Henry Smith Charity

Community Foundation for Surrey

Sir Jules Thron Charitable Trust

The Garfield Weston Foundation

The Unum Community and Social Justice Fund