Music Therapy

Music therapy is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to respond to music.  Within our sessions, a child can be supported to access opportunities for socialising, communication and self-expression, as well as fun through active music making. 

Music therapy can provide a space to develop independence, concentration and social and self-awareness in a playful and intrinsically interactive way.

A wide range of musical instruments, including the voice, are used to encourage active engagement in shared music making.  Both known and improvised music can offer the chance to encourage a child’s natural creativity and opportunity for spontaneous play, as well as supporting communication, listening and motor skills.

Music therapy sessions can occur in either group or individual sessions and are run by a fully qualified, registered music therapist.

Katy attends sessions on a Thursday at our Centre and her mother Alex said: “Katy has started passing the beaters between her hands helping her coordination” 

Buzby also attends sessions on a Thursday afternoon and his mum Sophie said: Buzby really looks forward to his music therapy session every week and cannot wait to get here to see Kylie. These sessions have helped him immensely with his communication and expression. He particularly loves the drum and loves telling everyone all about it.”



If you would like to find out more about our music therapy sessions and when they take place get in  touch here.  

The music therapy service we offer is run in collaboration with Nordoff Robins the largest independent music charity in the UK.

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