What is Tom up to now?

Tom Barnes is a former pupil of Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity and his mother Maria has kindly shared with us what Tom is up to now.

"What has Tom been up to since he left the charity?  What hasn't he been up to is a better question!  He went straight from Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity to Ingfield Manor School as a pre-schooler to continue his Conductive Education, first on a dual placement basis (3 days a week at Ingfield and 2 days mainstream with his twin sister) but then after a year and a half we reverted to Conductive Education full time at Ingfield.

"Physically, Tom has since become able to sit for significantly longer periods on a stool unsupported, has more confidence in his balance and has learnt to start using cutlery and feeding himself.  Academically he is doing really well and writes amazingly imaginative stories using technology to help him get his words down.  He's learning to read, slowly. He has discovered his inner diva and learned to sing and enjoy musical theatre, so he's about to join a local supported theatre group for disabled children.  He has also joined the Scouting organisation.

"Tom is living a good life and we have increased confidence in ourselves as his parents that was nurtured through Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity.  We have also remained friends with parents we met at the charity and who saw us through those tough early years, even though some of the children are now in mainstream and some are at different schools.  One family moved to the USA but we remain in touch via Facebook.  I would say the network Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity gave us was almost as important as the skills it taught Tom."

Maria Barnes

Tom below at home and rock climbing and skiing with Kangaroos Disability Clubs. 


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