Tributes to Dame Vera Lynn    ​

We have received some lovely tributes from all around the World and from the families, past and present, who have benefitted from our services.  

"Dame Vera Lynn's charm and magical voice entranced and uplifted our country in some of our darkest hours.  Her voice will live on to lift the hearts of generations to come."  Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

"She had a huge impact on me in Burma and remained important to me throughout my life.  My thoughts are with Dame Vera Lynn's family at this sad time."  Captain Tom Moore

"Dame Vera Lynn was one of the greatest ever British popular singers, not just because of her immaculate voice, warm, sincere, instantly recognisable and musically flawless.  She will be rememebered just as affectionately for her vital work in the Second World War and for her own Charitable Foundations in the 75 years since.  A link with more certain times has been irrevocably broken."  Sir Tim Rice, lyricist and composer and Vice-President of Charity

"Dame Vera never lost her reality.  The voice like a bell was a gift, which she shared so generously and bravely.  But the magic was that her personality was genuine, open, warm.  Meeting her was one of the high points of my life.  She looked at you & SAW you.  And connected.  There is no one in our lives, except The Queen, who had the power to connect a nation.  For that, she will be remembered & always with love."  Miriam Margolyes, Actor

"Dame Vera was an indomitable, distinguished, courageous and superlative artist from a very young age.  An icon whose work lifted the hearts and souls of the British people and significantly contributed to Victory in our darkest days.  My father adored the purity of her voice and we still have the tear stained music copy, as he wrote her arrangements h could hear her wonderful soaring tone.  Personally, I will never forget the unannounced arrival of her Majesty the Queen at the celebration of Vera's 100th Birthday at the London Palladium; a perfect and fitting tribute.  It was the greatest joy and a privilege to have known her."  Anthony Andrews, Actor

"Sending my thoughts to Dame Vera's family and remembering the very first days I spent at School for Parents 16 years ago.  Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity gave me a positive and life changing outlook on my daughter's early years for which we are both eternally grateful."  Kim Bryant-Cuddis

"DVLCC taught me how to play with my daughter and I am forever grateful for those skills as they have supported my family to this day.  Thank you Dame Vera for all you have done for generations upon generations of Britons the world over. Rest well and we will meet again!" C J Franchetti-Mortimer

"A true honour to be her Charity's Business Ambassador.  She was a truly wonderful woman.  Truly sad, but she brought joy, inspiration and hope to millions of people and will continue to do so.  A true legend and what an everlasting legacy she will bestow upon us all." Nass Business Pulse

"I am sad, but from the Netherlands I look back with gratitude and pride on the corresoondence I had with Dame Vera. She trusted that I would remain interested in World War II for many years to come.  As a member of my generation, I owe to her and to all fallen brave boys to keep the memory of the war alive.  Her signed photo will remain on my desk, in grateful memory of a great source of inspiration." Bjorn Hoex

"So sad to hear the news that Dame Vera Lynn has passed away. I remember meeting her when I was 3 - such a gracious lady who did so much good work." Livvy Breen Paralympian and Ambassador of the Charity

"We were so sad to hear this news.  Our daughter, Amelia, first attended School for Parents in 2008 when she was just six months.  The sessions provided us with the skills we needed to support our daughter, but also gave our whole family much needed support.  We have such fond and happy memories of our time there and were privileged enought to meet Dame Vera too.  Our sincere condolences to her family." Sarah Fairbrother

"Such sad news, we attended with our daughter in 1993, it was a life-saver.  We went for weekly sessions for nearly 2 and a half years and met many lovely people, including Dame Vera Lynn.  Our daughter is now a teacher herself and this would not have been possible without this Charity.  Thank you."  Jane Wescott

"Very sad news.  Our grandson Gabe has been helped enormously by attending the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity." Jen Davies

"Very sad to hear the news about Dame Vera Lynn. She was an amazing lady and she made an amazing Children's Charity which is close to my heart because it helped me when I was little." Abbie Hunnisett Paralympian and Ambassador of our Charity

"Without Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity we would have been fairly lost in terms of dealing with our daughter Ella's disability.  The Charity help you firstly understand about the disability and what to do but it is also the support network they provide.  They make you feel like you are part of a larger family." David Baker

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