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"Millie was diagnosed with left-sided hemiplegia in July 2017. At that time, I thought that my world had ended. I wondered how she would cope, how I would cope, whether she would have a decent quality of life, and whether she would be accepted by those around her, or marginalised because of her differences. Overall, I felt helpless and incredibly sad, for her and for our whole family. 

"I discovered the Charity through some friends who live locally. I felt that I needed some guidance through Millie's diagnosis and was determined to get some additional and specialist support for her. At the time, I felt very lost, so to find people who understood the condition and could provide tailored sessions to aid her development, was a big comfort. 

"The Charity welcomed us with open arms into its extended family. Millie has benefited hugely from weekly Conductive Education sessions. She has gained confidence and independence, particularly with her gross motor skills. She loves bouncing on the trampoline and climbing the ladder in her sessions

"Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity is a highly specialist centre, working with young children who may get little support elsewhere. By following an early intervention approach, the charity is able to give its pupils the best start, and equip them with life-long skills. We feel confident that the staff take the time to really get to know and nurture the children, and support the whole family. Millie's little brother Max has been accompanying us at the centre since he was 2 weeks old! 

"Allow yourself time to come to terms with your child's diagnosis, but rest assured that they will surprise you and are capable of achieving things that you and other people, including medical professionals, do not necessarily predict. With your love and support, your child can and will thrive. Charities like DVLCC definitely make the first few years easier, and it is so valuable to be able to connect with other families who are in the same boat as you."

"March 2020 - Two and a half years on, we continue to be amazed and delighted by Millie's progress.  She continues to attend DVLCC on a weekly basis, for Conductive Education sessions, alongside two other children. Although they have different medical backgrounds and different strengths, they really complement each other, and the sessions are invariably filled with lots of fun and laughter!

 "DVLCC have supported Millie through recent reconstructive hand surgery, and have given us really useful guidance about resources and exercises that we can use as part of her rehabilitation. Millie now attends a mainstream nursery, attached to a school which we hope she will go to in September. 

"The continuity in support, and the Charity's overall positivity and belief in Millie, has exceeded what we have experienced anywhere else, and has undoubtedly helped her make progress that we couldn't have imagined three years ago."

Roz Cotter


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