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Since 2001, we have helped more than 600 families from across Southeast England give their children the very best start towards a life of greater independence and, as we continue to grow our services, are determined to help even more children with cerebral palsy and other motor learning impairments realise their potential.  We offer families early intervention services that run all year round.

Motor Skills:

  • Through active sitting, standing and moving, children develop their gross and fine motor skills and improve their balance while sitting or standing.
  • Children strengthen their ability to place hands flat with fingers extended when playing in prone.

"Joseph has been attending Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity since February 2017.  Over these few months we have seen a huge improvement in Joseph's ability to bring his hands together and to use both hands at the same time. He now sits better and enjoys feeding himself and turning the pages of his books, and is getting much better at picking up and handing us objects.  With support he can now stand up really well and take a few steps. We have also noticed that lately he makes a bigger variety of noises and expressions!  The service has definitely helped our family - seeing our son make progress has been the biggest reward, but it has also been really uplifting to meet people so willing to help us and also to be able to speak to other parents in similar situations." Magda Mallows

Communication and Social Interaction:

  • Children become more active participants in life by maximising active, functional movement in all situations, increasing their self-esteem, confidence and interacting with other people and happenings around them.
  • Children start to express their likes and dislikes with 'yes' and 'no' picture communication symbols, signs or sounds.

"Our beautiful miracle of a daughter Teillet, has just turned 7 and each day she continues to amaze us with her unbelievable progress towards fulfilling her potential. I know without a question of a doubt that our joyfully happy, insanely determined and crazily independent little girl would not have achieved a great deal of any of this progress without Conductive Education." Rebecca Ward (Mother) 

Early Life Skills: fostering independence and self-esteem:

  • Children acquire new daily living skills and strengthen existing ones addressing all development areas in an integrated way through play. 
  • Children develop their ability to learn independently from their parents.  By learning alongside their parents and peers, our children learn how to achieve tasks actively, gradually building their independence in all areas of development.
  • Children make a more successful transition to their next educational placement, having gained maximum independence skills.

"Conductive Education was the real beginning and starting point for Abbie to becoming a Paralympian.  From 9 months old together, Abbie and the family worked hard to ensure she maximised her potential and  physically grew strong and healthy. Conductive Education was a major part of the development and without it I am sure she would never had achieved so much in her life." Mark Hunnisett, father and coach of paralympian, Abbie Hunnisett 

Benefit to our Families: general health and well-being:

  • Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity helps enable parents to be an active participant in their child's learning.
  • Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity has helped parents to have positive expectations of their child's future.
  • All of our parents agree that our service has met their expectations and has helped them.

"Daniel started his first session at Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity on his second birthday. He has been every week since and has also loved attending his swimming lessons.  He has changed from a child who wouldn't sit up to a cheeky little boy who has just started taking a few independent steps.  He loves everyone at the charity and as a whole family we have been made to feel part of the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity family.  We are so lucky to be able to benefit from the services of this amazing charity." Tina Fox

We are proud of the strong links we forge with children and their families from a young age and are lucky to hear from the young children we have helped when they are older.

Their testimonials, such as the one detailed below, shows us our services work and have had a positive impact on many lives.

 "We have been made to feel so welcome at Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity.  Each week is different yet building on existing skills. Joey's arms are already so much loser, thanks to the fabulous stretches we have been shown. He is also able to focus more on objects and people. We are so excited about how Joey will continue to progress." Dawn Bean

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