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"Daniel was born at home on 15th May 2015, he was ten days late, and still does things in his own time! He was born inside the amniotic sac which is thought to be lucky as so few babies are born this way. We ended up having to be transferred into the Special Care Baby Unit as Daniel had some breathing problems which they thought were due to meconium aspiration. He was discharged home at two days old and didn't have any further problems.

"Daniel has two older sisters, Olivia was 8 years old when Daniel was born and Chloe was 6 years old. They do everything for their little brother, even changing nappies occasionally! Daniel was always slower than his peers to develop, but Jon and I put it down to him being a lazy boy and having two big sisters who did everything for him.

"At 17 months I asked the Health Visitor to refer him to Audiology as we felt he may have glue ear (he had recurrent ear infections). At this point Daniel was rolling around the floor, with the odd bit of commando crawling, but wasn't sitting up, was showing no interest in walking and only had one word "dad dad dad". The next day the Health Visitor assessed Daniel at home because of our concerns, she was worried because of his "head thrashing" (which he used to do a lot). We were then seen the next day by the Child Development Team due to her concerns. This lead to Daniel being referred to "everyone", and having a number of blood tests done.

"I went to the appointment on my own to get the results as Jon was working, and we still felt that Daniel was just lazy, so we were rather shocked when we found out he had a Chromosome Abnormality.

"I was told about the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity and Daniel started his first session on his second birthday. He has been every week since and has also loved his swimming lessons with the charity.  

"A year on from the initial appointment and we now have a diagnosis of Mosaic Ring Chromosome 8 Abnormality, along with hypermobility and severe developmental delay. We have gone from having a child who wouldn't sit up to a cheeky little boy who has just started taking a few independent steps.

"We have had some sessions where Daniel has closed his eyes and refused to do anything, but now he loves going every week, he loves everyone there and as a whole family we have been made to feel like part of the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity family! We are so grateful to be able to benefit from the services of this amazing charity."

Tina Fox

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