Early intervention sessions

At Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity we know the positive impact that early intervention can have for very young children with cerebral palsy and other motor learning difficulties in giving them the best possible platform from which to grow, learn and develop.  Our sessions provide an early intervention service for families all year round.

"We are so grateful to Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity for everything they have done for our family.  They have taught us how to be the family we want to be and have been our saving grace in raising such a beautiful and extraordinary little girl"

Each year in the UK, 1,800 children are born with cerebral palsy – a condition that affects a child's muscle control and movement, and is often caused by an injury to the brain.  It affects people from all social and ethnical backgrounds.  As well as experiencing problems with movement, all aspects of the child's development are affected, many having additional needs such as visual and hearing impairments and speech and language issues. 

Children with cerebral palsy struggle to learn fundamental skills - they do not have the typical early experiences of their peers because of their disabilities, often excluded from everyday activities in their communities and unable to attend mainstream nursery provision, limiting their opportunities for socialisation and integration. They are at risk of isolation and early intervention is crucial.

For the family the diagnosis, often sudden and unexpected, can be life-altering, financially demanding and distressing as they struggle to find the skills they need to understand and help their child.

"Words cannot express what Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity has done for us, and one day, we will hopefully be able to repay the enormous debt that we owe them – our daughter's happiness, hope and joy"

Too many children with cerebral palsy in the UK are being failed by provision that is fragmented and under-funded.  Too few children receive the early and intensive intervention that can enable their full life potential. 

We use a pioneering holistic approach, called Conductive Education that incorporates physical therapy, teaching and learning aimed at developing a child's muscle control, movement and posture.  Parents and children work together in small group sessions tailored to their needs.  Through fun and engaging activities and song, children learn supportive physical techniques to unlock their inner strength.

"He now has a confidence he did not have before and is achieving things we believed would never be possible.  As a family, Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity for us is magical and we call it our place of hope"

We focus on active sitting, standing and movement and these practices can then be carried on in the home environment. Through repetition of movement, children learn more about their physicality and develop their motor skills enabling each child to be as independent as he or she will ever be.

Our early intervention service runs all year round and builds confidence and self-esteem for both parent and child in a supportive environment where they are able to talk openly about their child's activities, sharing an understanding of each other's situation.

We aim to provide families with a varied programme of activities and offer additional sessions in Music Therapy, Swimming, Messy Play and Sensory Play. If you would like further information on any of our services or would like to book a place for one of our sessions, please contact our Head of Service, Glenys Creese for details and how to book.  




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