Alice's Story – The day that changed over lives

"My daughter Alice is one of the fortunate children being helped by the team at Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity.

"Alice is a twin.  Following a difficult pregnancy she was born at 30 weeks along with Emily.  At around one year we noticed that she was not reaching all her milestones at the same time as her twin Emily. 

"After a year of waiting and seeing, Alice was referred for an MRI scan which showed some brain damage and we were given a diagnosis of Ataxic Cerebral Palsy.  This was naturally very upsetting for us so we embarked on finding Alice as much help as possible.  NHS help is limited, it soon became obvious Alice needed more support.  There are few organisations specialising in Cerebral Palsy and we were beginning to despair when we heard about the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity. Alice's prospects instantly improved.

"Following an assessment, we were offered weekly group Conductive Education sessions for Alice and Emily attended their crèche for siblings. However, Alice has social and communication problems and she found group sessions challenging.  I was concerned we would be asked to leave, but they simply offered us a private weekly session which Emily could attend with her sister. 

"The change in Alice has been incredible although we have only been going for a few months.  The Cerebral Palsy affects her balance, but this has improved greatly and now she falls much less.  Her core and leg strength have both improved meaning she can walk unaided for longer periods.  An unexpected gain has been regarding her social and communication skills.  Alice is now concentrating for short periods, previously her concentration was very poor.  She is now interacting with the team and developing a much closer bond with Emily.  As a result, Alice is becoming a more content, confident and much happier little girl.

The Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity not only support Alice, but all the family which has been life changing for us. There are not enough superlatives to describe how fantastic the team are and how important this charity is to us and all the families and children they support." 


Anna Manga

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